About project

The LARGE (Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment) software platform, funded by the European Commission, is built for the creation of educational Augmented Reality (AR) applications with different interactive content such as 3D spatial objects, video, audio, pictures, 3D text and/or a combination of these.


Augmented Reality means enhanced reality.


Combining the characteristics of the real world with additional, virtual content gives users the opportunity to incorporate new, attractive and effective dimensions to their learning materials. The technology’s capabilities allow learning content to be presented with superimposed graphics, audio, video, 3d spatial models and so on. The LARGE platform provides a new type of learning environment that supports educational and training institutions to deliver their curricula in the most attractive and effective way for learners.


To create and/or to view AR applications with the LARGE platform you need a computer with a webcam.


The marker which starts the appropriate AR application is placed in front of the webcam. The additional content - 3D objects, video, images, audio, 3D Text, which the AR application contains – appears on the computer screen superimposed onto the marker.


Non-registered users may search and view all public AR applications. The searching is based on 4 criteria: the index of the AR application, the name of the application, the author of the application and the educational category/discipline of the application.


At the bottom right of the screen there is a short list of the most recent applications that have been created on the LARGE platform.


To register and create your own projects on LARGE platform, click on the “Register” button or follow this link



Short Video Tutorial about the LARGE Software Platform

About augmented reality

Abbreviated as AR, Augmented Reality is a type of virtual reality that aims to duplicate the worlds environment in a computer. An augmented reality system generates a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information. The virtual scene generated by the computer is designed to enhance the users sensory perception of the virtual world they are seeing or interacting with. The goal of Augmented Reality is to create a system in which the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it. Today Augmented Reality is used in entertainment, military training, engineering design, robotics, manufacturing and other industries.